Product categories: WP single-stage reduction ratio
Reduction ratio: 1/10,1/15,1/20,1/25,1/30,1/40,1/50,1/60
Shaft to: A,B

China WeiGao Transmission

  • High strength

    Adopt Archimedes spiral design

    High strength HT200 casting box, humanism bearings, aluminum bronze worm gear with 9-4, high wear resistance

  • Low noise

    Stable transmission, low vibration, low impact, low noise, large reduction ratio, strong versatility, suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment.

  1. Good wear resistance

    The worm is made of 45 # high-quality steel after heat treatment, the worm gear is cast with tin bronze, good wear resistance, especially in bearing capacity is more obvious, mainly suitable for plastics, metallurgy, beverages, mine , Hoist transportation, chemical construction and other mechanical equipment deceleration transmission.

  2. Installation

    Reducer flange into force flexible collocation, can on market and various kinds of servo, stepper, or free collocation with dc motor. Wide applicability.

5 core advantages of Weigao

  • Accept free customization, fast delivery time
  • The warranty is 24 months
  • Professional technology 1 to 1 selection guidance
  • Provide a prototype
  • Professional after-sales team

Order process

  • Customers with customized requirements

  • Technical department confirmed that custom requirements

  • Customers pay the custom deposit

  • Factory processing production

  • Customers pay the residual payment for goods

  • Arrange the shipment

Advisory details

About WeiGao

WGT (Weigao Transmission) Machinery Co., Ltd.

WGT (Weigao Transmission) Machinery Co., Ltd. is a unit of China General Machinery Reduced Transmission Industry Association and a professional manufacturer of reduced transmissions. Is the production of R series helical gear motors, S series helical gear-worm gear motors, F series parallel shaft helical gear motors, K series helical gear-bevel gear motors, cycloid pin gear reducers, P series planetary gear reducers , H, B series standard industrial gearboxes, B, X series cycloidal pinwheel reducers, SWL series worm gear screw lifts, WP/NMRV series worm gear reducers, T series spiral bevel gear wheel steering boxes, DBY/DCY/ZDY/ZLY/ZSY/ZFY cylindrical cones Gear reducer, more than ten series, thousands of specifications of products.....

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TBW9255L planetary cycloid reducer: high-quality transmission device
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